Kent Ultra Storage 7 L UV+UF Water Purifier (White)


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  • It employs double purification that works first by UV, followed by hollow fibre UF membrane to completely filter out dead bacteria, viruses and cysts
  • It is 7 litres Wall Mountable UV+UF (White) 60-Ltr/hr Water Purifier
  • Technology: UV +UF water purification. Please check the TDS value correctly.

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Electric Water Purifier






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1 year manufacturer warranty

* UV WATER PURIFIER WITH WATER LEVEL INDICATOR IN STORAGE TANK – KENT Ultra Storage is an economical to own and run UV water purifier with storage tank. Suitable for wall mounting. The storage with water level tank makes the purifier visually appealing and an ideal tool for use at homes and offices.* DOUBLE PURIFICATION BY UV + UF – Double purification by UF after UV removes dead bacteria, viruses and cysts from the fine pores of Hollow Fibre UF Membrane, thereby providing 100% pure, safe & tasty drinking water, which is ideal for consumption.* SUITABLE FOR LOW TDS WATER – Since KENT Ultra Storage is based on UV and UF technology that does not remove dissolved impurities, it is suitable for use where inlet water has low TDS (Total Dissolved Solids).* PURIFIED WATER STORAGE CAPACITY OF 7 LITRES WITH DETACHABLE STORAGE TANK – KENT Ultra Storage has 7 litres of purified water storage capacity with a detachable storage tank for easy on-site cleaning. The storage tank ensures continuous supply of purified water even in the absence of electricity or running tap water* COMPUTER CONTROLLED OPERATION WITH FILTER CHANGE AND UV FAIL ALARMS – Computer controlled operation has two unique features Filter Change Alarm and UV Fail Alarm. Time based Filter Change Alarm notifies the user to change filters. UV Fail Alarm alerts the user when the UV lamp becomes inefficient. In both the cases, power supply to the purifier is cut off, thereby ensuring that impure water is not delivered to the user.* FULLY AUTOMATIC OPERATION WITH AUTO-START AND AUTO-OFF – Fully automatic operation allows the purifier to begin purification whenever water level in the purified water storage tank falls below maximum, and stop when the tank is filled or when there is no inlet water supply. This ensures trouble free operation without the need of manual intervention.

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